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Post you ads for life, post it and forget it. The Kule Blaster site


You get your own business and website.


You get to sell memberships and ads.


You get to sell Kule Coins.


You get to keep 50% of all membership sales,


and 500% of all Kule Coin sales.


You get an Admin Mailer to contact your list


members daily.


You get a Main Mailer to contact 9,500 random


 members daily.


You get 4 Feature Ads that rotate at a 100:1 ratio


for life. (That's 100 x to everyone else)


You get 4 Sponsored Ads that rotate at 100:1 ratio


 for life.


You get 10 Free Link Ads.


You get 285,000 Kule Coins deposited into your account monthly.


These Kule Coins covers your daily mailings.


You get 1500 extra Kule Coins for everyone who signs up at the


 Kule Blaster site.





Liz Jeanminette



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