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Does Your 100 percent Commission Pays Residual Or Just Onetime


Getting 50 to 100 percent commission


 from a onetime sale Is not going to


help you much.


 It will put money in your Pocket fast,


 but you have to sell so many.


Yes you can Collect commission over and over


 again each time from a different prospect.


 But what if you had a way to collect from that prospect


month after month, instead of just that, One time.


Ok here is how it work.


You sign up in prosperity marketing system


Learn how the program works See how you make a profit.


Which is, you invite others to join you


I signup Bill, Sally, Mary and Sue.


They upgrade and payed just like I did just 12 dollars.


I got the 12 dollars from Bill, Mary.


Sally and Sue was passed up to my sponsor, they are on her team.


Now that Bill signup a member he is in profit monthly. His second


 person he signed up came to me, as a pass up, and now is on my team,


 I'm in profit monthly




His fourth person also will be on my team. After that everyone he


Signup afterword will be on his team.


I personally signup 10 members and passed up 2, that went to my sponsor.


Remember how the compensation plan went.


Now I have 8 members I personally sign up ..But I have 13 members


that I am receiving monthly payments from.


The other 5 were passed up to me.


Do you see how this work. It is great and you can make a nice profit and not do


All the work.  All just for 12 dollars a month.


Prosperity Marketing System is the one.


The system does everything you could dream of, plus more:


Try us for seven days for free and understand the system.




Liz Jeanminette



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