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Stunning Feature Ad Displays Put Yours Here


Take a look at the stunning ads at the top


 of the Kule Blaster sales page.



These will be your ads.



They show on all founder/site owner and


affiliate sites.




They will rotate up to a 100:1 ratio.



That spells huge exposure for your websites.







What do free members get at Kule Blaster?


As a free members you get to add 2 free link ads


which rotate on all affiliate pages in the Kule Blaster Network.


You can also earn 20% commission on all upgrades that you


bring in through your affiliate link, and you can earn 100 Kule


Coins for each sign up.




What do pro members get at Kule Blaster?


As a Pro Member everything is done for you on auto pilot.


You just set up your ads once and Kule Blaster takes over and


submits your ads for you 100's of times a day automatically.




Pro Members get 1 feature ad, 1 sponsor ad and 2 link ads with


your membership. These ads rotate at a 25:1 Rotation which gives


pro members high exposure on the entire Kule Blaster network.




You get access to the KB Mailer which lets you email your


downline or a random group of 3000 list members every 5 days.


The KB Mailer has a total of 425,000 members in it.




You also get 12,500 Kule Coins deposited monthly to your


account which you can use for mailings, for purchasing more ads,


or you can give them away as an incentive to induce others to upgrade under


you in Kule Blaster or in any other site you promote.




Pros earn 30% commission on all membership and ad sales you make.








Join under me I will give you 20,000 kule coin


(that a value of 155.00)



Liz Jeanminette



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