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New feeder at Your Fee with 3 is a game-changer.




Response of one of my downline members

when he cycled stage 1, level 3 and generated

$25. in revenue:


“Woo Hoo”


If you want to watch the You Tube video first,

to get some idea as to what YFW3 is all about,

click this link.



Register to get started.  This link is the same

one that is on the You Tube page and is

a rotator, so you will be registering under

one of the members in the rotator.



If you want to read additional information

on why the feeder is so powerful, see below:


1.  Company forced.


2.  Cost:  $2.50 per position.


A few details on comp plan:


A.  Stage 1 – turn $5. into $30.

Promoter generates $10. in revenue.


B.  Stage 2 – turn $25. into $225.

Promoter generates $50. in revenue.


C.  Stage 3 – turn $50. into $550.

Promoter generates $100. in revenue.


Simple strategy:


D.  Deposit $2.50 – Purchase 1 feeder.


E.  Deposit $12.50 – Purchase 5 feeders.


F.  Deposit $25.00 – Purchase 10 feeders.


G. Jump ahead of the others – purchase directly

into Stage 1, Stage 2 or Stage 3.


H.  Whenever you cycle any stage 3 position,

before you start doing selective withdrawals,

purchase 2 positions back into that stage.


This way you continue to build your positions

while at the same time increasing your withdrawals,

if you want or use some funds to pif downline



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





Another program by YFW3 admin.


Fast Furious 3s.  Consistent cycling.



Additional programs which are winners.


Mailing Hits – Have commissions get

sent to your bank account.



Anytime Mailer – same as Mailing Hits.



Kule Traffic – Spin the KT Wheel of Fortune,

claim your prize and use it for advertising.



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