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Mad Ethereums Team Build Is Here - Your Wallet Will Love It

Q: Why Smart contracts?

A: They work!

Member-to-member payments. 

Small transaction fees.

Quick processing

No tire-kickers


Q: How much to start?

A: Just 5$ in ETH to join the first program


Q: What is the program you promote?

A: We promote 5 programs at once - all ethereum based. 


Q: Do i need to join all of them at once?

A: No. You start with just one of them and build from there


Q: What this team can do for me?

A: We give you 3 paid referrals


Q: Do i need to promote?

A: Yes. No team work- no results.


No fake promises here. Just hard work for our mutual success!


If  you are ready to be a part of us, please follow the steps bellow:


A: Join the first team program here:




B: Activate your 1st level centre for 0.025 ETH


C: Contact me with your name and affiliate link. 


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I will be glad to help.



Daniela Germanova

email: magicasolutions@gmail.com 



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