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If I were a Robot...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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If I were a Robot...Jane's Sunday Sermon


If I were a robot, I would fly to the moon
kick off my space shoes, explore every nook
and cranny of every rock on it and then
gaze upwards to see where I could land next.

It is easy to see why Gulliver liked to
Travel- Why Mark Twain fancied a raft-
and why Neil Armstrong donned funny looking
clothes. Because...

Over the next horizon there is always something..shiny and brand new and,
as yet, unexplored.

If I were a robot...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Computers are like robots.
You program them.
You tell them what to do
They do it (well mostly they do it)

Programs you join on the net are not like

You cannot program them to do what you want.

You cannot command them to build you a list
or pay you mon*ey or brand your name or
make you a star.

And when you think about explorations, of
any kind, there is always a ton of preparation
that goes into any new endeavor .

When Admiral Byrd went to explore the arctic
there was a learning curve ( he went 11 times)
There was money involved. His expeditions
were sponsored by private citizens and by
the US government.

When Bill Gates started Microsoft, he had
to convince a whole lot of people to invest
in his then seemingly whacky idea-a computer
in every home.

When a few Harvard guys wanted to get together
to connect, they started facebook. Do you think
it grew on its own. No way. They built it
college by college, high school by high school,
town by town, city by city, country by country
until it  mushroomed into the 500 million
people it is today.

These explorers, Byrd, Gates, Zuckerberg and co
have these things in common

A Hungary thirst to start something new
The Vision to imagine it actually happening
The tenacity to work at it until it does happen
And sufficient funds not to get stuck midway
and run out of gas.

So What's the point here?

Very simple

You are working on the net.
You have choices to make
You have limited funds to invest in your business.
You must make them count.

You are NOT a robot and you need to make
certain judgments about the programs
you join.

The first judgment you need to make is
who is it who is running the site that
you just joined.

Do you know them?
If you don't know them, do you know and
respect the person making the recommendation
to you?

The biggest mistake you can make is to join
a site where the person or people running it
have no vision, do not know where they are
going and do not have the capital to see
their vision through.

Is there training at the site that you join?

If you don't know how to use the site then
whatever vision you have for your own future
will be very difficult to attain.

You must learn a site backwards and forwards
if you want to promote it successfully and
make it produce for you.

The site is not a robot. You can't just pop
in your name, address and PayPal address
and expect the site to know just what to do
from there.

You must watch the videos or read the manuals
or go to seminars or webinars until you
get it.

No one can do this work for you.
If you don't have the discipline it takes
to work on the net, don't work on the net

That means learning something about your
craft each and every day.

I can't tell you how many emails I get that

I just joined your site. Where are my commissions?

hmmm...probably somewhere under your bed where
you left them:)

If you want to get paid for your work, then
be prepared to work for you pay.

There are wonderful, innovative sites on the net
many- many of them.

It's like a wonderland out there and you have
the pick of them all.

You can ea*rn from each and every one of them
I often work 7 to 10 programs at a time so
as not to have all my eggs in one basket.

But the first thing I look for is who is
running the site and do they have a track
record of success.

The second thing I look for is am I interested
in the site. Does it turn me on and make me
want to keep coming back for more.

The third thing I look for is, is there help
at the site if I get stuck. Does support
answer me. Are there videos or seminars
I can listen.

The last thing I look at is the pay plan.
I couldn't give two hoots in a holler what
the pay plan is. Most of them are too
complicated for me to understand.

I simply know that if I know the owner and
I like the site and can honestly be
enthusiastic about it, the mon*ey will follow.

I am most definitely not a robot.

People tell me I should take Sundays off
write my Sunday Sermons ahead of time and
then just zip them out to my lists on one
Sunday after another.

I can't do that.

Each morning I wake up with a new thought,
a new idea and a new vision about what the
world should look like and, if I wrote this
last week, I assure you it would not have
been the same as it is this morning and I
would be wishing I could have had the last
one back.

You are not a robot.

What you do to grow your business every day


Pick your sites wisely.
Get to know who the owner is
Find out their track record
Study the site
Use the training materials at the site
Don't be afraid to experiment at the site
Let go of the money madness.
It will follow as night the day if you
take the steps to work for it.

Robots are wonderful toys but they are
programmed to do certain things and they
cannot waiver from those programs

You can waiver
You can learn
You can ea*rn

I want you to do it your way.

In fact I want you to meet one of the
up and comers on the net, Joel Anderson

He started a group over at Kule Space
called Newbie Central.

"This group is for all new people to online ventures. Contribute to and follow the stories of Newbies. Share in the wins and not so wins of us who are making our millionairish goals and dreams come true as iNet business owners."

Join Kule Space


Head on over to Joel's group.
Contribute your stories or just read the
stories of others..

See what others are doing.
That's one of the best ways to learn

I am in Kule Space every day and learning
every day.

If I were a robot, I would fly to the moon but,
alas, I am not

And neither are you

Have a great Sunday

And go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Sometimes you can get a robot working for
you. I know the owner of this site. He has
a proven track record. He let me pop my link
for Sokule in here and it is working for me
getting hits and sign up to my site. It has
also paid me 6000 in under 9 days.

If the site is a good one. If the owner is
responsible. You can activate your own site
right now by just popping your link in and
letting the robot work for you. They can
do that sometimes.


And this little robot fellow, who I really like,
comes with 1 million Sokens at Sokule for
those who upgrade under my link. That's
A whopping value of 1270.00


send me your full name, your username for
Sokule and your payment receipt for Extreme Robot

mailto:janemark4@gmail.com?subject=I'm _active_1Mill

Not yet a member of Sokule, sign up here

And then, if you like the Robot, get the word
out about him at Sokule. That's how I am
doing it.
















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