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"INYOS - It's what you make it and much bigger than anything before or after"
4-7-2010B by Walter Paul Bebirian
4-7-2010B by Walter Paul Bebirian

INYOS - Imagine a search tool - bigger than anything ever before imagined and bigger than itself when it has reached humungous proportions because and only because it has been created by you - is owned by you and that means every single individual on the planet who chooses to partake in it's creation and own it - and that means not only those who are part of the human population that exists in today's world - but all those generations who will come for generations from this day forward - making the content and descriptions for others to search and utilize more and more precise and therefore the whole of human knowledge and intelligence a million times more effective than it has ever been up until this time in history - 

Watch - it come from out of nowhere - join to partake in its value - submit to partake in it's growth and own it to reap the benefits and rewards that are a natural outtake of the value that you have made INYOS become!








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