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You are invited to www.inyos.com
3-23-2010W by Walter Paul Bebirian
3-23-2010W by Walter Paul Bebirian

You are invited to 


http://inyos.com ;


I just joined Inyos.com - the human search project

Search engines rely on software algorithms to collect information on sites in order to predict what you are searching for. This model is fast and efficient but often misses nuances and interpretations. Search results are also skewed due to search engine optimization techniques. The view is similar to traditional broadcast television which is a "programmerpush" paradigm. The companies and editors behind the screen pushes the media as they view it outwards towards the consumer.

Others like Digg and Stumbleupon ask anyone to suggest sites that they feel are of relevance. These type of sites function more as a magazine with content that is suggested by readers. While the sites contain lots of entertaining links the site does not function as a search engine due to its entertainment focus.

What if there were human editors to ! filter out the useless information generated by web crawlers while adding in the important information

suggested by users? Would the world of search be a better place? Many aggregation news sites function this way now and the result is a more focused, efficient and relevant product. If done well, you will find the information that you need, faster while also being able to see the information in a context that helps you to better understand it.

Inyos is a search engine edited by humans. We are looking for talented individuals that are interested in building a better search engine. A search engine that serves results from the editor's viewpoint and one that is not mired with phishing sites. 


 A great search engine should be able to rapidly retrieve the information that users are looking for. Humans do it better.






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