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I told ya I'd be BACK....

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Your Little Ticket to Wealth

Want an extra $100-$400 per prospect?


#Hey Freak... aka... Rockstar %%First name%%!

Yesterday, I told you that we'd continue today on our quest for FREEDOM.

And I wasn't joking.

So lets begin...

First, I want to GIVE you a FR/EE gift.

It's one of our most recent (and most popular) Mind Maps and it's NOT available anywhere else, expect for right here, via this email message.

#Mind Map = A One Sheet Of Wonder That Reveals One Major Idea / Concept

Go here --> http://emailleadpackages.com/truthmindmap/truthmindmap.pdf

Print it off and POST it onto your wall, near your PC or Laptop!

#Next... I want to give you a 2nd money lesson.

It's about WORK.

"Normal" people believe that Hard Work + Sweat Equity + Time = Big Pay Off

And sometimes, admittedly, this formula DOES produce its intended result.

But FREAKS like you and I believe differently.

"Freaks" believe that Working Smart + Leverage + Daily Pay = An Even Bigger Pay Off

#Now, which FORMULA do you want to FOLLOW?

Well, we already know the answer to that question!

So lets EXPAND on our FORMULA just a little: Working Smart does NOT = 57 hrs in a cubicle

Leverage = Utilizing OTHER PEOPLES time, money, talents and resources

Daily Pay = Cashflow NOW so we can be here 5 yrs from now collecting EVEN more CASHFLOW

Does this make SENSE [[firstname]]?

I certainly hope it does.

Because this is the very CORE of your future foundation.

You either want to be a Rockstar or you don't.

You either want to have to an extra $5k a month or you don't.

You either want to have complete FREEDOM or you don't.

It's always been and will always continue to be, 100% your call!

Freaks like myself and MY Crew command OUR lives / our results / our incomes.

We do NOT fall prey into believing that OUR success and OUR independence falls into the hands of some corporate nit-wit who's 7,000 miles away.




We are who WE say are because that's who WE are!

You, are NO different.

The SIMPLE fact that you're here right now, reading our Newsletter, is a MAJOR step forward in the right direction.

It signals to us that you're NOT afraid.

You REFUSE to bow down to mediocrity.

You LAUGH at your BILLS. (Oh yes you will!)

You HAVE more than enough.

You are a FREAK %%First name%%.

Stand Tall. Stand Proud.

I'll speak to you again, in 2 days.

In Strength, Prosperity and Honor,

Robbie Bracco
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Step 2) Review ALL of the information that's on our website

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