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How would you like to rake in $1OO + per day (or much more) by simply sending out an automatic email?

How would you like to rake in $1OO + per day
(or much more) by simply sending out an automatic
What if it only took you 5 minutes per day to
complete this task, would you do it?
If the answer is yes, here's where you sign up:

What if the system came loaded with 150,000
leads and it automatically replenished itself every
month with 150,000 new leads?
What I'm suggesting here is real.
It exists right now and many are starting to catch
on and use it to drive traffic to their website. It doesn't
matter if you're promoting a product, service, program,
direct sales deal-gifting program or whatever.
This can work for YOU.
You'll be plugging into a state of the art e-mailing platform
where you can blast out to 5,000 leads every single day.
Or much more if you are a big thinker...
What could that sort of traffic do for your bank account?
I'm not into "convincing" or "selling" you on
the idea that you need this service. Only YOU
can do that. But I want you to read on to see our team incentive below.
I'll just remind you that EVERY person
that is marketing anything online, NEEDS
a reliable and consistent source of traffic.
Not only can this service provide just what
all marketers already need, but it can crank
out an unlimited number of $1OO+ payments
to you per month, per week or even per day!
Get it now!

And the exciting thing is we as owners
of 10dollaradz.com and nextgenerationcentral.com
will give you a major BIG boost and incentive!
By joining under our URL in this exciting 2-up
comp plan we will do something very exciting in return for you!
The first two members who join us we receive $75 and our enroller receives $75
So on these positions we (admin) will add $75 to each-once you have paid and place you in our two exciting
ad share revenue lines. $120 will place you in nextgenerationcentral.com and $30 will place you
with 3 ad packages in 10dollaradz. We give up our commissions back to YOU in positions!
From member 3 on we receive $150 for your sign up and we will also place you in both programs.
Now how exciting is that. You will receive for your $150 not only 150,000 leads but a $120 position
into our company NGC and $30 in our main ad program 10dollaradz to earn over and over again.
For each month after you will be charged $10 ONLY for your next batch of 150,000 leads!
AND 100% No questions asked Lead Replacement Guarantee!!
No where have we found a better program or lead source that can offer you that kind of value?

Now here is the biggy you can use these leads to promote your NGC/10dollaradz business.
or you can use them to promote any program you are already involved in. Never have I
known a company or program to offer such value to bring you success.

Autoresponder system packages are available also from your members section to get your leads out very quickly.
Packages to fit any budget. Plus they have just simple mailers to get your leads out. If you already own a mailing system then your all set.
We will not ONLY be using this promotion for you existing team members but we will be directing a campaign to other marketers as well to grow our NGC/10dollaradz teambuild.
Please do yourself a favor don't let this pass you buy read the website through and through make an informed decision before you pass on this offer this can change your internet marketing career.
You in turn can choose to promote your new leads and cash business through our URL or YOURS if you choose to use our link it will grown our team if you use yours you will earn the $75 and $150 payments direct to your accounts-- either way its a win..win situation for the entire team build. You choose how to operate your business.
Jump in fast and lets use this outside source to skyrocket our already growing success. The owner is Tim Berger 330-881-3026 you can read about him in the About Us section of our Little Ticket To Wealth website http://www.littletickettowealth.com/?id=10dollaradz

We are new to this program also and I want you to know from me with having 16-18 years of lead experience you will receive many bounce backs and undeliverables especially mailing this amount of leads please read the website through and through before making your decision. As I stated there is 100% no questions asked leads replacement guarantee. Read the testimonials read the entire site make an informed decision. Take your time its a BIG site lots to look over. Members section is state of the art.
You will deal with the owner Tim Berger 330-881-3026 on any issues that may arise with this program. Also our enroller
Kevin Himmelman
902-678-4477  is available If you have questions also.
Just think several of us setting up this system and having 150,000 leads each going out each and every month. And the new NGC position this creates for you and 3 10dollaradz positions all for the one price. Positions and a lead service all for $150 plus $10 per month for additional 150,000 leads per month unheard of!
Jump on the bandwagon with this and get your promos up and going remember folks the 3 biggest months of network marketing is right around the corner Sep-Oct-Nov couldn't be a better time to get a automated system set up and ready to rock through those months!
We care about you all and we want this team build to move on through many years to come and that is exactly what we strive for. Always looking to improve and move everyone forward.
To Our Success,
Robbie, James and Vicki
Anyone purchasing please hang tight on your positions going in this will be a manual process so it may take a little time for James to manage this on his end depending on busy days. You will be alerted when your positions have been entered into our NGC/10dollaradz system.

Anyone wanting to purchase before all the new action later just login at





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