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Who is Saint Maxmilian Kolbe?

Saint Maxmilian Kolbe or Raymond as he was called when baptized, was born into a divided Poland.

As had happened before and since, poor Poland, unfortunately located, had been a battleground, and the two powers, Russia and Austria, took what they wanted, leaving nothing for Poland itself. But to a Pole, it was and always would be Poland.

Like with most of their compatriots, life was hard for Father Kolbe's parents.

They worked hard and long hours. They never complained; instead, they considered hardships and hard work as a necessary road to eternal life.

As a young girl, his mother Maria pleaded with the Lord, she be allowed to become a religious.

When she became resigned, she couldn't enter a convent because she didn't have the necessary dowry, she prayed:

"O Lord, I do not want to impose my will on you if Your designs are different.

Give me, at least, a husband who does not curse, who does not drink, who does not go to the tavern to enjoy himself. This, O Lord, I ask you unconditionally."

God answered Maria's prayers and she married Jules Kolbe, a fervent Catholic, everything she had prayed for.

In addition, the father of Saint Maxmilian Kolbe was a leader in the Third Order Franciscans!

Saint Maxmilian Kolbe
Martyr of Auschwitz
International Catholic Film Excellence Award
Festival Winner

Visit the city of the Immaculata. Trace his life and find out why he would have been canonized even if he had not been martyred.

Go to his room and look out the window upon the statue of the Blessed Mother, he looked to for strength as he saw the gestapo coming to take him to a Death Camp.

He gave up his life for another, with the words,"I want to take this man’s place.

I am a Catholic Priest." I want to take this man’s place. I am a Catholic Priest."

Go to Auschwitz & the cell block where he died at the hands of the Nazis.

Viewers Comments: Dear Bob and Penny:
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your recent video which I saw today about the life of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. I was so touched and saddened by his great act of faith and love for others in the concentration camp at Auschwitz, not to mention his life in general.
Your presentation of his life was very beautiful and gave honor to God and the Blessed Mother. I just wanted you to know that it deepens my faith and love for God and the Blessed Mother. Your work is an act of love for those who do not know the stories of these Martyrs. His life will always be an inspiration for me and my walk as a Catholic.
Thanks again,  D. M. e-mail

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