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Chicago Zap...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Chicago Zap...Jane's Sunday Sermon

It's 8.30 pm.
The Sun has disappeared for the day.
The temperatures have cooled to a barely tolerable 91 degrees.
The air is moist- ready to thunder.

A Fire is burning in the fire pit.
Lanterns filled with citronella oil are ablaze
A can of off spray sits at the ready.

A Fine white tent waits to house family, friends and
food if and when the skies open up

Platters of cheese and strawberries as big as plum
tomatoes rest on a wooden picnic table and on ice

A silver tub filled with ice and beer and wine
and soda looks inviting

Chips and dips with mysterious names wait to be
married together.

Neighbors gather with their children of all ages
and sizes.

My Grandson, Alex, has carefully arranged outdoor
games to accommodate the children of all ages and



 Zap! Zap! Again... Zap! Zap Zap Zap

I look around...little black specks dot the neck
of the lady next to me.

The gentlemen with the horn rimmed glasses, holding
an infant, hands him off to brush a black dot from
his arm.

I feel something zap my ankle and instinctively
reach into my pocket for a cigarette and a lighter
then quickly remember that no one smokes anymore
and turn my attention to the round red welt already
forming near my sandal strap.

It's Chicago
It’s the suburbs
It's August
The sun has gone down
The temperature is steamy
The air has turned moist anticipating rain

And we're being zapped by bands of mosquitoes who
have learned to fly over the pit fires and around
the citronella candles, passed the party food to
make a bee line for their own dinner...me

I make a hasty retreat into the house leaving guests
without a parting word.

I'm a city gal.
I don't like being zapped


Chicago Zap...Jane's Sunday Sermon

There are lots of things that can zap you.

In the scheme of things, mosquitoes are relatively minor.

They bite. It stings for a moment, itches like all get out
for the next couple of days and then the agony is over.

There are more serious zaps and if you run a business
online, you need to set up your own fire pits and
citronella online candles and maybe carry a sword and
a pistol if you want to avoid getting zapped.

First you need to find a program or site to work
at that fascinates you, holds your attention and
keeps calling you back to it.

You need to be passionate about what you are doing
online or you will get zapped simply by boredom
and repetition.

Then you need a way to get noticed so that you
don't get buried alive by the competition

Branding we call that.

And then you need traffic, swarms of traffic that
like the Chicago mosquitoes, carry a who lop with
them and linger well after the teeth have unclenched
themselves from your site.

I am going to recommend a good site that can capture
your attention, keep you coming back for more,
band your face and your name so that you keep
cropping up and getting under everyone's skin for
years not days.

What you want to look for is...


A pistol packing, sword wielding, site that zaps the

This is one of my favorite sites
They will set you up at 50 of the top Social Media

Load up your profile picture for you
Put you your bio for you
Make your first post for
Give you some backlinks
And send you all of your log ins and urls to the
each Social Media site you belong to.

To do this would take you weeks of your time and
almost none of us can do this in a professional

When I need help with Social Media sites I go here


If you want to take that one step further and have
300 Social Media sites instead of 50 set up for you

I go here

And when I want to bring heaps of traffic to my
site on an ongoing basis

I go here

These are all sites run by brand go live and we could
not survive without them and neither can you.

If you are not using professional people with a
team of experts who know how to get you set up
and branded and drive traffic to your sit, you are
going to get zapped and the welts are going go last
a long time.

The sites I am recommending to you are one time
payments that pay off in extraordinary ways

They brand you all over the net
They bring continuous traffic to your site

Put some Zap in your own business

You may however want to avoid Chicago, in a hot August.
Unless you have a weapon that's stronger then fires and

I'm going home tomorrow.

I have had all the Zapping I can take:)

go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS When you have the 50 profiles set up for you
at large, popular Social Media sites, have them pop
the information for you into Sokule and you can post
to 77 Social Media sites and blogs with just one

Have your profiles set up here

Brand go live will pop them into Sokule for you

And you will be zapping your message to 77 Social
Media sites and blogs in a nana second with just
1 post.

And one of the sites, Brand goes live also
handles is Sokule's sister site, Kule Space
They will set you up there too














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