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"INYOS - for the Artists on IMAGEKIND"
4-7-2010BA by Walter Paul Bebirian
4-7-2010BA by Walter Paul Bebirian

For years now I have been reading and hearing from the artists at IMAGEKIND in their forums and in their personal messages to me directly that they are interested in learning how to market their art in a better and more powerful way -

 Well that better and more powerful way has been created and it is not simply doing one thing over another but combining a number of methods so that their images are placed in front of a greater number of viewers than ever before for example take the over 53,000 images that I have currently in my galleries here:


- Yes the networking system at Imagekind where their art is viewed and may be purchased by not only those interested persons that each individual artist brings to their galleries and then is introduced to the over 65,000 artists and millions of images created by those other artists here:


is extremely successful and brings a very large viewership which is larger in number than any artists could have possibly been able to hope to generate on their own individually - but adding to that the combined power of the different Business Opportunities which I have researched and joined myself and place on my main website which can be accessed here:


this much effort and application of both these has increased the traffic I am getting to my Galleries here:



now more than 10 times what it previously was especially utilizing the powerful tools at



of which this SOKWALL post is one -------- but now miraculously each and every artist who is a member of the IMAGEKIND System has the ability to not only join this fantastic new search tool that is called 


but they can also have each and every one of their individual images scanned into the INYOS search system that is human generated and have a detailed and explicit description applied to that entry in the INYOS search system so that their art work is more readily searchable - identifiable and more widely recognized as they and others add on to the descriptions - This is and will be as the members of the art community at Imagekind begin to realize the powerful and almost miraculous opportunity that they are being offered by the creation of this search engine tool at INYOS by themselves - It is truly an opportunity of a lifetime!!!! 




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