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Pressing the Flesh Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Pressing the Flesh Jane's Sunday Sermon

In the states it is almost the end of a long hot
summer and, as soon as it ends, our politicians
go into high gear here pressing the flesh.

In our elections that has turned into a blood sport.

Anyone who doesn't look like you, think like you ,
talk like you, dress like you, watch the same news
channels as you do or read the same newspapers and
blogs that you do you or come from the same part of
the country as you do is your enemy.

The press eggs on this behavior looking only for
what separates and causes conflict rather then
what unites people.

Pressing the flesh, when done by people of good
will, can be a wonderful and memorable event.

When done by mean spirited people, the result
is not likely to be a good one.

Pressing the Flesh...Jane's Sunday Sermon

In business, if you are mean spirited, your
business is likely to suffer and decline.

People want to feel they are special when they
deal with a company and anything less than full
attention and genuine caring about your clients
cannot help your business grow.

I will give you an example.

Just this morning someone was complaining to
me that I ran a special and, because he was already
an upgraded member of one of my sites, he didn't
get that particular special. He got a very special
deal of his own but not that particular one.

That happens all the time in business.

I can't tell you how many times I have bought,
say a piece of jewelry, or a set of sheets at
Macy's only to find the very next week they were
on sale.

For my client, I made an adjustment to his account
to approximate the special I had offered because
I want to keep him as a happy client.

Macy's doesn't do that but, then 99% of the time
I am very happy with the products I buy at Macy's,
so if I miss a sale or three, I will catch up
the next time I buy:)

There is another way to get some of the best
specials that internet sellers offer and that is
to actually show up and meet them at an event.

Almost anyone who speaks at a seminar event,
offers their product or service at a huge
discount and you can pick up some fabulous
deals just for showing up.

More importantly, when you meet people, in person,
and get to know them, you will find they remain
on your radar screen and are much more likely
to get involved with you in JV deals or even
mentoring after they have gotten to know you
in person.

Phil and I would like to meet you.

In November, we will be speaking in Philadelphia
at a really interesting seminar that Larry
Steinhouse has put together.

Larry is the Rich and Happy guy. He actually
lives the life he wants to create for you.

Give a listen to who is coming.


And Larry has priced this event at such a low
price that it really is just a bribe to get you
there and to make sure you are serious.

Phi and I will not only be speaking at this event
but pressing the flesh here as well.

And In January, we take a whole different trip
and we would love to go cruising with you.

Here you can relax and meet over 400 top marketers
and their families. We do this every year and
we will be there again this year and we will
be looking for you.


Here's the catch. The ship is almost sold out
so if you want to join us, make sure you move
fast on this one.

Pressing the flesh is one of the best ways you
have at your finger tips to move your business
to a new level.

If you are not attending live events, you are
missing out on the real underpinnings of a
business which are personal relationships that
develop into business partnerships.

Pressing the flesh, in the states during an election
season, may not work well because of the misguided
products many of our politicians have chosen
to sell:)

I assure you that, in business, it is still the
real McCoy.

Hope to see you in Philadelphia ,in November and on
The Sokule cruise in January.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

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