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New Contest Starts Right now. Go For it.

New Contest Starts Right now. Go For it.


Walt Bayliss is just doing a superb job
at his new site

Advertise Free For Life


He has something going on over there
every day to make your head spin and
say Wow!

I just got 50 bucks plunked in my paypal
account for winning 4th place in his contest

And a new contest starts right now so
Go for it.

But more fun than that is trying to catch up
withhis contest where he offers cash prizes
if you hit certain sign up marks on the nose.

It is great fun to watch that contest
develop. You will have a ball at this site

But it is much more than a ball.

You can mail to 3000 members at their
contact address every 5 days if you are
an elite member of the site so you know.

That's a Wow!

I jumped on that.

The site is growing faster than my dog,
Cuddles can chase my cat, Winnie the Pooh,
and you should be mailing at this site
right now today


When you upgrade to diamond or higher at
the site, you collect 100,000 fr.ee Sokens
at Sokule. That's a value of 127.00. You
will see how to collect in the members area

That a Wow!

You can get a special fr.ee gold membership
sign up if you act now

You know that's a Wow!

You can ea'rn comm-issions on every sale
that you make.

That's a definate Wow!

A traffic generating site with a list mailer

You can mail to 3000 members so you know
I am on top of this one.

I just got you a special gold link

You get a 127.00 Sokule bonus

Take it up now


What's not to love?

This gets my Ten * star* recommendation.

Go get it.


Jane Mark
JPE advertising
Sokule, Inc

Track us on Sokule

PS If you missed the write from Investors
Business Daily yesterday. You can see it
right here


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