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Own this Art!
6-1-2010Y by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-1-2010Y by Walter Paul Bebirian

When you view an image  - a piece of Art - and remember it - you own this art to some degree since it becomes part of your consciousness - your being - your essence and in some way can influence the rest of your entire life experiences:

http://ownthisart.com ;


If you find that you like or are moved - inspired or motivated by any of the art here then comeback - view it again and ask yourself why - and just how this art touches you - It is very important to understand why and how you are effected by your environment and if you are influenced in a positive way by a certain image it might be wise to see if you can place that image in your environment so that you can allow that piece to positively effect your entire being -  


http://bebirianart.com ;

http://575488trillion.com ;



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