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What Happens When Kooday Meets Sokule and Kule Space?
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What Happens When Kooday Meets Sokule
and Kule Space?

Sparks are flying all over the net today

KooDay just met up with Sokule and Kule Space

For the past two days I have been telling you about
a really interesting new site that just came on the

It is called KooDay


What is it?

It is a search engine where you can buy keywords
You can link your site to keywords that you own
You can link your site to keywords that someone
else owns.

You can profit when someone buys your keywords
and you are still linked to that keyword even if
it gets bought out from under you.

You can share in the profits of the company

And when they let loose the search engine part
your site can be ranking right at the top

Here's the catch

You need to buy the keywords you want right now
while they are still affordable.

Yesterday, I bought the word Mike G for 13 cents
Today it is selling for over 13.00

Yestesrday I was worth 4.04 and today I am worth
over 11.00

Phil has bought and sold the worth golf so many times
it is making my head spin.

Everytime he does, he is making a profit

Here's the bottom line

Phil and I have made over 1400.00 in a little more
then 24 hours.

You can do the same.

And I am going to bribe you to get involved in this
great new site. See my 500K sokens bonus offer below

We love this new site
We just added it to the Social Media downline builder
at Kule Space so get over to Kule Space and pop
your affiliate id in there


By Monday, you will be able to add your Kooday affiliate
id and logo at Sokule

And later on today, check at

and at

You will be able to add your Kooday id there later today

 It takes a lot to make me go ga ga over a site
and to ask Phil to add it to our sites.

You want to get in here right now while this site is
in beta and buy up every keyword you can possible


And if you fund your account at Kooday with 100.00 or
more, you will pick up a Kule Million Sokens if you
sign up under my link today. See how to collect below

Go get um

And have a Koo Day


Jane Mark
sokule, Inc

PS Anyone spending 100.00 or more to purchase keywords
today will get a bonus for 500,000 Sokens at Sokule
Value 683.00

This is a win for you all the way around

Here is how you collect

You must sign up under my link today


Send me your full name, your payment receipt for 100.00
or more that you made to Kooday together with your username
for Sokule.


If you are not a member of sokule, join it right here




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