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Dr. Gene Hummel

Many folks today are suffering from all sorts of problems and they are able to find answers. They are taking enormous amounts of medicines with no resolve.
Sometimes the answer is so simple that we can't see it.
I've been in the natural health business for over 25 years and I will have to tell you that over 95% of all the people I see have issues with their digestive system.
Many people have bloat, swelling, itching, headaches and feel tired all the time. Much of the time it's being cause by the foods they eat. Sometimes just the way they combine their foods.
At Alternative Health Options we have a simple scan that can show you what is stressing your body.
We are running a special on this can through the month of September. The cost is only $15. So if you're interested you can reach us by e-mail: DR.gene@DR.com. Or call our office at: 330 – 825 – 6167.
We will give you all the details on how you can become stress-free.

Respectfully yours,
Dr. Gene


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