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Holy Cow! I just bought ClickBank for $93.29...

Holy Cow! I just bought ClickBank for $93.29...

Hi folks

This is fun...

I just bought ClickBank for $93.29.

Well not ClickBank the company but ClickBank the keyword.

This is a well known name and sure to sell fast.

Here is an example of some keywords I purchased and what I sold them for...

wordpress - Paid $68.85 - sold for $79.18
business - Paid $124.80 - sold for $143.52
wedding - Paid $24.12 - sold for $27.73
food - Paid $21.97 - Sold for $25.27

Outlay $239.70 - Income $275.70 - Profit $36.00

That's in one day and what is really freaky is that I didn't do anything. I didn't sponsor anyone, I didn't sign anyone up.

I earn money when people either purchase the keywords I own or link their website to them. How cool is that!

You gotta see this new site. I love it.

mmm, wonder what I'll buy next...

I know golf, mike filsaime, travel, harry potter, ewen chia, mark joyner...

I know what you're thinking, "while he'syaking his gums off I'll beat him to the punch."

Sorry, too late. I already own them.

This is fun...

Phil Basten
Sokule Founder

PS: If you spending $100.00 or more to purchase keywords today I will give you a bonus of 500,000 Sokens to use at Sokule. (Value $683.00)

This is a win/win all the way around.

Here is how you collect...

Send me your full name, your payment receipt for $100.00 or more that you made to Kooday together with your username...


If you are not a member of sokule, join free here - http://sokule.com


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