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Who was Pope Gregory the Great?

Pope Gregory I the Great -540-604
Father of Medieval Christianity - Doctor of the Church
The First Monk to be elected Pope

In this, Pope Gre Pope   Gregory the Greatgory’s influence on not only the Church, but on the world, its governments, its rules of behavior, and much m ore, extended far beyond his lifetime.
Pope Gregory composed the calendar of festivals.
For his most extraordinary life, his numerous writings and encyclicals, he is venerated as the fourth Doctor of the Church.

Among his many achievements, he is credited with, the Antiphonary,
the introduction to new styles in church music
the composition of several famous hymns,
and the creation of the Schola Cantorum, the famous training school for singers.
Worthy of his title, Pope St. Gregory the Great worked tirelessly, right until the Angel of Death summoned him Home.
The Gregorian Sacramentary and the Gregorian chant, according to John the Deacon, whose testimony is most reliable, what we call Gregorian Chant today is definitely attributed to Pope St.Gregory the Great.  This type of chanting has been used for centuries up to and including today.  Going back before St. Gregory, it was called Roman Chant, and even Ambrosian chant.  But St. Gregory put it together in a formalized Church Chant. 


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