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Gone With the Wind Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Gone With the Wind Jane's Sunday Sermon

If I had to choose between spinach sprouts and a hot dog,
The choice is easy.

A hot dog dripping with mustard and sauerkraut
would win every time.

If I had to choose between chocolate cake and
cherry pie, the choice gets harder. I love them

If I had to choose between owning a cat or a dog,
I would break down in tears. I own them both
and can't imagine having to make that choice

If I had to choose between being a Democrat or
a Republican, the choice is easy. I am not
going to tell what my choice would be but it
is easy.

If I had to choose between love and money I would
choose... well...I would hate to make that choice.

It's too hard so...as Scarlet O’Hara said

"I will think about it tomorrow"

Gone With the Wind...Jane's Sunday Sermon

The choices above are real world choices that one
makes some times without even thinking about them
and sometimes not even knowing why we choose them.

Suppose there was a place where you could dream up
anything you wanted and then own it for a song.

Suppose there was a place on the net where, if you
think strategically, you could increase your bottom
line substantially.

Suppose there was a place where any word you could
dream up could be yours to play with, to toy with
and to make mon*ey with.

Would that intrigue you?

Suppose there was a place where you could take any
of the sites that you own and link them to relevant
words that would increase the ranking for your

Suppose there was a site where you could advertise
your own site and have it show right smack in
everyone's face

Wouldn't that just be the cat's meow?

Suppose you could join this site and buy words
for as little as 10 cents or for as much as 1000
and everywhere in between.

Suppose you could meander you way, over time, up
to a Gold level membership and then a diamond
membership while making a profit as you climb
the ladder and sharing in the profits of the
company every time you make a purchase.

Wouldn't that make your biscuits burn?

Words are powerful

If you have hutzpah or chutzpah, then you have the
cajones to succeed on the net

I have all three and so can you.

What words will you buy to make you a powerhouse on
the net?

Go here and get started.


The Sky is the Limit if you get in early

This site has thrown off over 4000.00 to me in
just 2 days.


I bought words
Lots of words

They will be Gone With The Wind if you don't
make your move now.


Go and do likewise

Have a great Sunday


Jane Mark
Sokule , Inc

PS: I want to you to start to use this site so I am going
to bribe you to do it. It can make you a lot of dough fast

Anyone who signs up under my link today and purchases
100.00 or more of Kooday dollars will get 500,000
sokens at Sokule for a value of 683.00

This is a win for you all the way around

Here is how you collect


Send me your full name, your payment receipt for 100.00
or more that you made to Kooday together with your username
for  Sokule.


If you are not a member of Sokule, join it right here

PPS You will find that I own almost all the words
in this Sunday Sermon. Write something of your own
It will inspire you to buy the right words. Really
it will.









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