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Why Is Robbie Bracco Such a Hot Commodity?
Run With The Big Dogs

Get Up and Run With The Big Dogs!

Did you know that the keyword "Robbie Bracco" sold for over
$200.00 in the hugely popular new program Kooday
where one can buy and
sell keywords.

Why would Robbie Bracco rank up there with some of the top names
in the online and public industry?

Robbie Bracco Beat out:

Bill Clinton
Chelsea Clinton
Frank Bauer
Frank Sousa
Gary Ambrose
Hillary Clinton
Joel Therien
John Pate
Lorraine Bracco
Newt Gingrich
oprah winfrey
dick burke
gino deschamp

And a whole slew of other famous people!

Here's why!  and you are a part of it so go ahead and brag! 
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