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I Just Bought Mike G For .22 Cents but...
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I Just Bought Mike G For .22 Cents but...

There's  new game in town.

I Just Mike G for .22 cents
I bought Michael Glaspie for .10 cents
I bought Michael T Glaspie for .01 cents

It was a good investment.
It will go up

I'm  selling for 4.04 currently:)

I have bought 50 keywords at a new search engine
People are buying them off me right and left
and every time they do, I ea*rn a big fat

I'm going to soak Mike G to buy his own name back
I bought him for .22 cents:)

I am linking my sites Sokule and Kule Space to
keywords words that I bought like Social Media and
Twitter and Social Media Advertising and Social Media
for Business.

Phil bought the word Business and made 37.00
bucks in 10 minutes

This site is just amazing

If you are not participating in it, you are out
of your mind.

Get in here and buy keywords while they are still
really low. Very few people know about this site
but they will.

If you can't buy the keywords, link to them for a few pennies
or a few dollars.

You will ea*rn back your investment in a heart beat.

This is a super new site in beta and you are just
going to flip when you see it.

Phil and I are addicted.

You will be too and you can ea*rn some really big
bucks here.

Choose Your Words Carefully and they will come
back to you in spades


Want to drive Mike G crazy?

Buy him off me for pennies and by the time
he gets there, he will have to buy if from you.

Have fun and...

go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Anyone spending 100.00 or more to purchase keywords
today will get a bonus for 500,000 Sokens at Sokule
Value 683.00

This is a win for you all the way around

Here is how you collect

Send me your full name, your payment receipt for 100.00
or more that you made to Kooday together with your username
for Sokule.


If you are not a member of sokule, join it right here


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