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FantaZ A New Gaming Company On An International Platform

FANTAZ - A New Revolution in Online Gaming Play~Promote~Profit!

Now going through beta testing, FANTAZ will be launching anyday/anytime now. A 100 Million Dollar Company FANTAZ has been an extremely well kept secret for 4 years while development was taking place. I was given one of 26 links to promote the company and get it through beta testing before we go into full swing. National Ad Campaigns will be promoted through the Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine and others as well as TV and Billboards across the country. This is going to be the big one! FANTAZ is expected to bring on over 1,000,000 people in the next 90 days. If you get in now you can develop quite a downline before FANTAZ goes into high gear, then expect exponential growth from what you developed. This is currently the stage of the marketing where the millionairs are made. So get in now! I have people in now from all over the world, from Pakistan, UK, Phillipines, Norway, India, Vietnam, Turkey and many others. Nearly 1,000 people in just two weeks!

FANTAZ Tournaments will be scheduled daily with favorites such as Fantasy Football, Golf, Hockey and others. All of the gaming industry standards will also be available such as Space Invaders, BeJeweled, BackGammon and more. Also one of the biggest things about FANTAZ is the fact that Online Tournament Play will be featured. Players may compete for cash payouts in Tournament Play and they receive their winnings immediately...other online game have made people wait as much as a week. Not FANTAZ, you are paid immediately. ZBO's may host tournaments at any time. Also Celebrity Hosted Tournaments will be hosted on a weekly basis with NFL, NHL Players and Other Celebrities Hosting the events. Some Tournament Events are expected to have pots as high as $250,000.00 and even more!!!

Join FREE now at http://www.fantaz.com/user/JackBaker


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