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Special Message from Bob and Penny Lord in France

Hello Family

Brother Joseph here reporting for Bob and Penny Lord. 

Bob and Penny asked me to get this message to you.

We just completed an eight day session in Southern France at the Shrines of Saint Germaine of Pibrac, Our Lady of Graces in Cotignac, Our Lady of Laus and Shrines of Saint Peter Julian Eymard.

These Shrines really lifted our spirits. For example:  Saint Germaine of Pibrac was a girl living in the 17th century that was forced to live in the barn with the animals due to her deformities.  She tended the sheep and became a great saint in that little town.  Many miracles occurred due to her intercession.  The town of Pibrac revolves around this Saints.  The city of Pibrac has about 5000 people and they built a basilica for Saint Germaine that holds most of them.  Thousands of people come to Pibrac and celebrate her feast day in June of each year.

 Another example:  Our Lady of Laus is located in the alps and this Shrine has been there for 400 years.  It was approved two years ago by the Vatican.  The visionary Benoite had a 54 year relationship with Mother Mary.  Her cause for Beatification and Canonization is underway, due to the current Bishop and his interest in the Shrine.  She encouraged people to get in touch of what God had created in them, to get in touch with their interior life.

Saint Peter Julian Eymard is the founder of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers and most devoted to Eucharistic Adoration. We visited some of the places he visited in the area like the Shrine to Our Lady on the hill above Lyon.  This is the most elaborately decorated Shrine we have ever visited.  

At the Shrine of Our Lady of Graces in Cotignac, we also discovered a Shrine to Saint Joseph.  This is a place where Saint Joseph appeared and told a man to move a boulder and discover a spring that flows to this day.  Many healings have been attributed to this spring.

We found that area of France was very active in the Faith.

Bob and Penny are excited about bringing these new programs to you this fall.

Saint Germaine of Pibrac

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

Our Lady of Laus

Our Lady of Graces - Cotignac

Stay tuned to our website for details about these programs and release dates. We will be having some special offers listed there about these Shrines.



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