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Is Art a Good Investment - Some Different Perceptions - Ideas and Thoughts -
9-1-2010A by Walter Paul Bebirian
9-1-2010A by Walter Paul Bebirian

Art market predictions: Is art a good investment 18 Articles


and then from "How To Be Rich" by J. P. Getty - and a synopsis done by Butler Bowdin:

Enrich your life with art


Getty humbly saw himself as a patron of the arts on a scale at least equalling the Medicis of Renaissance Florence, and is amusing when discussing the lack of cultural knowledge of the average American. He called art 'the finest investment' not just because it more than held its own financially, but because of the pleasure of living with beautiful things. In return for enriching the world, the wealth creator had a duty to support those who lived for their art. Yet he also saw business itself in creative terms, noting that those at the top are 'creative artists' instead of simply 'artisans of business.'

On collecting itself, the author dissolves the myth that it is a rarefied pastime for the rich, mentioning several acquaintances in regular jobs who had built up excellent collections. Anyone with enough money can pay top dollar at Sotheby's, but the true collector is a scholar who appreciates the background of each piece she buys. As Getty rather poetically puts it: "To me, they are vital embodiments of their creators. They mirror the hopes and frustrations of those who created them - and the times and places in which they were created." What could be more fascinating or enriching? "


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