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Have heard about Sokule yet?


If your answer is yes, you know how BIG this will grow in 2010.


  If your answer is no, I got News for you:



  Sokule is the talk of the net.

  People calling it the Twitter killer.I don't go this far...

  I love Twitter and sign in every day for keeping touch with my friends and Tweethearts ,

  but Sokule is my Business Media. Sokule is Jane Mark's and Phil Basten's site

  built for Business and it is Current.

  No wonder many well known Internet Marketers like

  Willie Crawford, Mike Glaspie,  Frank Sousa, Todd Gross, Mark Lareau, Paul Darby

  -- just to name a few-- jumping in.


   It is your One Stop Advertising Site
  The only one you will ever need.

   AND This is the right  time to join Sokule .


  Because Sokule raising the price of Silver membership.
  It was an introducktory offer, and becouse we are growing so fast,
  this price will be history after this Friday midnight.
  Silver is our annual membership level at Sokule
  and our most popular membership level.

  As a silver member you get all the applications
  that Sokule offers, now, and over the next year!

  This list is long. You'll get ALL OF THESE:

  You can:

 1)  Post to two Twitter accounts,  Facebook and 24 other

      /soon to other 40! / Social Media sites instantly.

      ONE Click and you're done! Sokule does all the work for you.

 2)  You ea'rn a 40% commission on every upgrade sale you make at Sokule.
      You can collect a weekly paycheck.
      At Sokule every Friday is PAYDAY!!


 3)  You can auto welcome all of your trackers /Followers at Sokule.

      That's the list of people who sign up under you and follow you at Sokule.

  4)   You can email and direct squeek /DM on Twitter
       all of your Trackers at Sokule every three days
       That's golden.

 5)   You can schedule 25 squeeks (posts) ahead of time to go out when you like.

       When you are eating your Thanksgiving dinner Thursday,

       your marketing efforts are working for you at Sokule automatically

 6)   You can edit your posts -I like this function a lot

       Many times I could scream when I see

       the mistakes what I made on my Twitter posts...

 7)   You can post messages up to 500 characters long and they will pop
       up on Sokule and on Twitter accounts and Facebook
       and 24 other Social Media sites at one time

 8)   Your posts will ping the weblogs and make Google sit up and take notice of you.


 9)   You can post an article or ad as long as you like at Sokwall in Sokule

       -- just like you reading right now
      and it will also appear instantly on Twitter and Facebook

      and 24 other Social Media sites.

10)  You can add your clickbank id and ea'rn passive income right from your
       Sokule site.

11)  You can upload video and graphics and live links and text adds to your Sokule page.

12)  You can put in your bio, your picture your logo. Sokule makes your marketing site
       flexible to suit your own style.

13)  You get 100,000 extra Sokens Value $127,00


Grab a Silver Account before the price goes up.


    Gabriella DArko

    Happy and proud Founder Member  @ Sokule



P.S.The other very popular level is the Founder level.

      If you are a serious marketer, consider to grab one.

      You can learn more about it if you click the

      Founder Member logo on my site, Upper right corner.


P.P.S.My Thanksgiving Bonus: For the next 10 people I am offering 4000 Sokens.

        Find out how can you use Sokens inside Sokule:)



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