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Get on National TV - Free Teleclass

Imagine this is you...

Watch brief video showcasing an author...

This is only a sneak preview of the REAL show...

Imagine what that will do for his credibility!

What about YOU?

** Want to Be On National TV?

If so, register for a free telephone seminar this
coming Thur, September 16th on

"The Three Big Secrets for Getting Booked As
a Guest on Top National TV Shows"

You'll hear from a former Oprah guest booker
and other veteran TV producers.

To register go here now:
--> http://www.tvpublicityteleseminar.com/?10977

 You want to be on national TV, don't you?

Of COURSE you do!

because there are few faster ways to instantly
reach millions of people and boost your
sales than getting big-time TV publicity.

In the publishing world, it's no secret the right
national TV appearance can catapult a book to the
top of the Bestseller List.
Curious to know how YOU might get on national TV?
Find out on a free 90-minute telephone seminar on

Thursday, September 16th on which you'll hear a
former Oprah guest booker and others interviewed
by Steve Harrison about....

"The Three Big Secrets for Getting Booked as a Guest
on Top National TV Shows"

Together they'll teach you things unknown to 95%
of all publicity-seekers.

To register for this call -- which is free except for
your normal long distance charges -- go here now:

--> http://www.tvpublicityteleseminar.com/?10977

On the call, you'll learn things like:

* How to increase your odds of getting on Oprah, Fox
News, CNN, Today Show and other top shows.
* Understanding the mindset of national TV producers
and what gets them to book you as a guest.

* The strategy a husband-and-wife team used to land a
7-minute segment on the Today Show.
* What you should send TV producers (and what you

* An important lesson from one author who got on Oprah
and saw sales soar as a result.
* The most important question you must be able to
answer to land a TV appearance.

* The biggest mistakes to avoid when pitching TV
producers (including ones that could get you black-
balled forever!).

* Case histories of four authors and entrepreneurs
and the strategies they used to get on top TV shows.

 --> http://www.tvpublicityteleseminar.com/?10977

Who knows ... maybe we'll be seeing you on national TV
very soon!



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