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Real-Time Proof the Easy Write & Publish System Workd

Maybe you want to write a book for one or more
of these reasons...

* To bring attention to your cherished cause
* to stand out above the competition as an expert
* To share your empowering story
* To leave a legacy

All those are brilliant reasons to write a book,
and yet I know how busy life gets.

Sometimes you need a spark to kindle your flame.

So how about if I show you in real time how
easy it is to write and publish a book this
weekend using my system?

Yes - I'm going to prove to you that what I
teach in http://TheInstantVIP.com/easy - the
Easy Write & Publish COurse - works.

That's where I teach you 5 easy methods
for how to write a book PLUS the easiest,
fastest FREEEEE publishing method.

I have already put together one a book in
the last week of August, --

and I'm going to put another one together


Is it time yet for YOU to get off your seat?

Are you up for the challenge--?

Are you truly ready to BE an author instead of
just saying you wanna...?

Or are you a resident of "Someday Isle"?

Take a stand now. http://TheInstantVIP.com/easy

I'll help toot your horn when your book is done!
and when you take action at that link & you
finish your book by Sept. 30 2010 (yeah I'm
giving you 2 weeks!) I'll send you a
signed copy of The Instant VIP book!

Here's where I'll be posting updates (& you can too)

Ready to rock?

I'll give you a head start...

I'm about to go eat dinner and relax for a bit,
and I'll start on the book later.



PS Watch that Facebook link for updates - and
I'm ready to help YOU achieve your goal of
finally FINALLY writing that first book!

(You can always write another later)


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