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What Can We Do Now or Do We Have to Always Be Doing Something?
9-16-2010IMG_4038A by Walter Paul Bebirian
9-16-2010IMG_4038A by Walter Paul Bebirian

Do we always have to be doing something?

Well in reality whether we think we are doing something by our actions and thoughts of frantic activity on different social media or this blog and that e-mail message or not - we are always from a certain point of view - doing something -

Take for example the squash the avocado and the  banana in the image above - none of these are actually growing - something that they had been doing for quite a long time before they arrived at the point at which they were ready to be picked or harvested - but by sitting there in the room at room temperature - they are ripening and are doing this with little apparent activity - 

Looking at this non-active activity - it may strike us as to what I mean by letting the tools do the work - websites blogs - e-letters e-zines and such are published - accessible to the  viewing public - images are up on facebook - profiles are sent out all over the world on the net and just about all that we can think of and more has been done by many people - even posts on Sokule and Kule Space and Sokwall such as this post I am writing now have been made and send out into the net Universe - but it will take time both for those reading these words now and for those who may read these words years from now to really get what it is that I am saying - and therein lies the real key to anyone's success in any endeavor and that is patience - that's right patience - persistence can drive you to do the many things that are necessary to insure that your message has a chance to reach the right audience but beyond that persistence - patience is needed to be calm - relaxed and ready till the person who eventually has a chance to read what it is that you say does in fact read - and then does in fact understand or grasp the meaning and worthiness of what you are saying in your writings and then for them to be ready to act on what you are directing them towards doing in your presentation - 


The best thing of all to be doing in the meantime is to keep yourself busy with never ending growth projects - that you wish never to retire from doing!




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