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9-10-2010P by Walter Paul Bebirian
9-10-2010P by Walter Paul Bebirian

Not long ago I was approached by a marketing company selling gold coins - the person on the phone told me that his boss owned a lot of gold - and that I should buy this gold because soon the dollar would drop in value and even perhaps be valueless - and so I thought about this for a bit and asked this fellow - why would his boss want to sell me his gold? this did not make any sense to me - since if he had sold me his gold for my money - which was going to drop in value or become valueless - he would be really making himself a bad deal - instead I recommended that his boss take whatever dollars he was getting for his gold - and own some of my art!


In fact I have never seen anyone become joyous over the fact that they are in possession of gold - most people who are in possession of gold end up hiding what they have in order to prevent others from taking it so they lose out both ways - first from not even looking at it in the first place and second by having to worry that others will take it - and then their gold will be indistinguishable from other people's gold -

Save up your money and instead by some of my art - it will definitely benefit you in a much grander way and you just may be tempted to be happy as well! 




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