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About The Prices For The Exquisite Fine Art Prints of the Images Available in The Bebirian Art Collection
10-23-2008ABCDEFGHI by Walter Paul Bebirian
10-23-2008ABCDEFGHI by Walter Paul Bebirian

To Artists (and other interested persons as well) - consider how or why you are creating art - If my thinking is correct - you are most probably creating art based on your feelings (or if you are collected or investing in art the same is true for you from your perspective to a greater or lesser degree) - the colors shapes etc. - well I have after creating so many images and after so many years of creating art - found that there is no reason to stop at how I feel about colors - shapes - hues etc. and that it is perfectly OK and as a matter of fact - imperative (for me at least in relationship to my Art) -based on my feelings - that I price my work based on my feelings - so with that as a guide I have priced my work and the Exquisite Fine Art Prints made from my images - based on how much I feel that they should be available for considering all of the elements involved in making The Bebirian Art Collection available to the general public -





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