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Sokule RS...How to get Your messages resqueeked.

Sokule Squeeks and Resqueeks

We have added a resqueek function to your posting page.

When you log into your members area and go to Post Message,
you will see the letters RS next to all posts.

If you would like your own trackers to view a particular
message that catches your eye at Sokule, you simply go
to the RS button and that particular post will appear
for your own trackers.

Hint...If you want to get your message requeeked, it is
probably a good idea not to just keep sending out ad after
ad to your trackers. Those are not the kind of messages
that get resqueeked .

You want to give members a reason to resqueek your message.

For example, I just resqueeked something to my trackers,
that Willie Crawford posted offering a free cookbook.
It looks like this.

Sokule  RS @williec Free Cookbooks Galore! For A Limited Time!
Download Some Nice PDF Cookbooks FREE From A Variety
Of Contributors, Covering Many Types Of Cooking at
Originally posted by @williec 

This post is something that may interest my  trackers who
are in the cooking field and it is fr**re and intriquing.

Sokule is an advertising site, but there is a way to use it
that will make your posts at Sokule and at the other Social
networking sites benefit you.

Peppering your trackers with ad after ad will not do it.

The reason Twitter and many other sites like it are more fun
then function is that those who use it are using it as a personal
advertising board. You might just as well use an ad board blaster
for that and you probably end up with the same results:)

Social Media networks, including Sokule, are places where people
are looking for a different kind of content.

Content that is informative and unusual is the stuff that resqueeks
are made of.

Keep that in mind when you are composing your posts to your
trackers and to the other Social Media sites and you will
find that you get better results and that people will want
to resqueek your posts more often.

We will be adding different functions for the resqueek button
over time so, in these initial stages, you will want to practice
giving your posts great content so that it will get more requeek

Here is an example of a post that is not likely to get resqueeked.

You can make a million dollars tonight at this site.
There is no other site on the net like it

Here is one that might make people sit up and take note.

Click on this link if you want to learn how to improve your health
after eatinga Thanksgiving meal. It won't cost youa cent to look.

Get the picture?

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Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

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