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the next step
4-22-2010DABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian
4-22-2010DABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian

the next step -

consider the black hole or as we see today an infinite number of black holes like tremendously large vacuum cleaners sucking up various tremendous amounts of matter in the form of stars and solar systems and galaxies - what does it do with this matter? - where would these black holes go with all of the tremendous amounts of matter that it is virtually eating up?

Imagine the black hole in the shape of a twister here on earth - that twister many not be black since we can see it because we can see the particles of matter going in and pretty much coming out - but perhaps fast enough so that things become a blur as this process is taking place -

Now back to the black hole - let us imagine that the black hole that we are observing from the very top (let's say) of its twister shaped form is so powerful a vacuum that it is swallowing stars and galaxies and such large parts of our universe that as scientists have stated we cannot visibly see the matter once it has gone into the black hole because of its powerful suction force -

Now here is where we need a bit more imagination - imagine that this black hole is in the shape of the twister and if we look at it from the bottom end - a very small end of this cone - that we do not see the large funnel end but just a single point or what may be referred to a singularity - and then it spits out the matter that it has been sucking up form one end and then spits it out at the other end - forming an entirely new universe -


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