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Talk Short...Think BIG
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Talk Short...Think BIG

There is a reason why Twitter was invented
and why it is so successful.

It forces people to think big and talk
short in a few Characters... 140 to be exact.

I am a firm believer that if you can't
say what you mean in 140 characters, you
problably don't know what you mean:)

So here are a few 140 Characters messages
for you to comtemplate and take action
on today.

1 Click and You're Done
Like Twitter? You'll Love Sokule.

Sokule Does All The Work For You
1 post,1 click and your message is seen
on Twitter and facebook and my space and
75 other Social Media sites instantly.

Discover how you can easily put more
Green spendin' stuff in your pocket.

Imagine This...

You wake up, grab a coffee, go to your computer,
login to Sokule, post a message and send it to
dozens of social media sites all with 1-click.
That's it... 1-click and you're done.

Next you send out some emails, tell people
how Sokule is sooo-cool for business, and
pocket some that green spendin' stuff when
they upgrade under your affiliate link.

1 Click posting to Twitter, facebook and 79
other Social Media sites

Ca*sh in your pocket

Sokule puts you in complete control.
You make the sales, we'll cut you a
weekly check!

Ca*sh in on the Sokule Revolution
Post on Sokule, It instantly Posts on Twitter

Talk short...Think big

Make Mon.ey


Jane Mark
JPE advertising
Sokule, Inc
Track Us on Sokule

 PS: If you want to talk to all of our 79 Social Media posting sites
and get your message out with just 1 click, be sure to take
advanatge of our Silver membership which you will see as you
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You will not find a cheaper way to talk short and think big and
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