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Marketing tip - Most people get this backwards...

People constantly ask what the HOTTEST product to sell online is, and the answer is always the same:

To be TRULY successful with your Internet business start-up, do NOT focus on finding a popular product first. Instead, look for a hot market!

Because here's the thing: People don't necessarily go online to make a purchase. They go online to search for solutions to their problems.

So once you identify a group of people with a common problem, you can then think about an online product or service you can offer them that presents a solution to that problem.

Find a demand, then offer a supply. It's the basic law of business and selling online!

So, how do you find a market with a common problem that you can sell to?

Well, since they're going to be your future customers, you should probably look for people you have something in common with! You'll be much more passionate about your business if it's based on something that holds a lot of interest for both you and your future customers.

If you're interested in what you're doing, you'll find it enjoyable, and you'll be motivated to stick with your business.


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