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Radio Show - Joint Venture Secrets, Nothing Held Back - Nov 30th, Noon EST

Please Join Our Radio Show Monday, November 30th,
at 12 Noon - 1pm EST. That radio show will be
hosted by my friend, Mark Hendricks and will
focus on joint ventures.  

Mark has been doing lucrative joint ventures
forever, and I have worked as a joint venture
broker for many years.

On the show, we'll be sharing with you some
insights into setting up and managing joint
ventures that few other people will. Mark and I
both believe in abundance, so we won't hold
anything back... I promise!

My interview is actually part of a series of 12
interviews that Mark is doing that all involve
people who will be teaching at a seminar in
Orlando in January.

Please tune in to my interview and read about the
11 others here:  http://budurl.com/12FreeInterviews

If you'd like to know more about the seminar
itself, which will be in Orlando, Florida, the
weekend of January 17th, please check out:

As an aside, all of the speakers/teachers at this
seminar are people that Mark and I know and
TRUST personally :-)



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