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You need to do it NOW!

I know there has been alot of hype centered
around this new web casting product coming to
the market called GVOconference.com

Personally.. I don't like hype

But I chose to jump on board with this opportunity
simply because when you analyze the metrics of
the GVOconference.com business model and the
product itself you you will see why this is so
unique and exciting..

1. The main motivator for anyone to change services is
money... want proof look at WalMart..

GVOconference.com owns their own data center where
they house their web casting servers. By owning everything
if you have not yet heard they will be coming to the
market at...

ONLY $8.97 per month!!

Similar companies do not own their data center and there
fore have to charge much more for a similar service.. as
much as $100 per month..

So do the math..

GVOconference.com only $8.97 per month..
The conference competition $100 per month or more..

That alone is a HUGE motivator to change services..


We have not even gone into public launch, so get on
the pre notification list NOW at:

>>>> http://gvo-pinpointinternet.myprelaunchinvite.com

2. The company that owns GVO conference, Global
Virtual Opportunities Inc has a 12 year success rate
in the online and affiliate marketing industry..

So even though this is a brand new opportunity, you
are getting involved on the Ground Floor with a rock
solid company that ain' t going anywhere EVER!! :D

Heard enough?

Then get on this Early Bird Pre Launch list for FREE
right now..

It will only take 10 seconds of your time and again it
is FREE.. you have nothing to lose..

>>>> http://gvo-pinpointinternet.myprelaunchinvite.com

I promise you wont regret
taking 10 seconds out of your day to get on this list!!

Trust me.. this ain't hype, their rock solid web casting
software is coming to the market at only $8.97 per

A fraction of the cost of the competition!!

See you in their FREE members area :D

>>>> http://gvo-pinpointinternet.myprelaunchinvite.com

  Randall Martin


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