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We Are Looking to Partner with You

Admin We Are Looking to Partner with You

Yesterday, I mentioned that we are launching
a Sokule related site next week and that
it will have a cash cow system in it.

Well...You can be part of that system if...

1) You have a large site (over 10,000 members)
that has an advertising component to it like
a contact list mailer or advertising system
to get traffic to sites.

2) You or your site have been online for at
least 1 year and the site you are proposing
has an affiliate program and a track record of
paying it's comm**issions on time.

3) You are willing to carry and promote
Sokule on that site in a very visible way
using your affiliate link of course.

We are looking for serious people who want
to partner with us on this new site that
we are launching and want exposure for
their own site that meets the criteria above.

If this decribes you...

We are looking for YOU.

Please contact me at

Please provide your full name, an email address
where we can reach you. The name of the site
you are proposing, the url to the site and
access to the members area of that site and
your phone number and we will review your
proposal and get back to you.

Coming to a Theater Near You at Sokule

This morning we are testing a new Social
Media site for posting called Brightkite

Sokule now posts to Twitter, facebook and
17 other sties soon to be 18 other sites

over time you will be able to post to
40 Social Media sites

1 Click and your essage is all over the net
in a nano second.

1 Click and you're done.

The Requeek Button is coming...

We are working on a Requeek button that
you will be able to add to your website
to have your message or site requeeked
to Sokule. This will give you fabulous
exposure for your site.

You will also be able to add that code
to the bottom of your Sokwall post which
will appear all over the net at all the
Social media sites.

[fname] If you are not using the Sokwall
applications at Sokule, you are missing
the boat.

Sokwall lets you post an ad or an article
as long as you want it to be. It gives you
the option to post that message on any or
all of the Social Media Sites and you will
be able to embed the Requeek button right
at the beginning or end of your Sokwall post.

I do almost all of my posts on Sokwall.

Sokwall is one of the most valuable applications
we offer at Sokule. It comes with your
Bronze Plus, Silver or Gold or Founder

If you are not yet an upgraded member of
Sokule at one of the higher levels, you
are really missing the boat here and missing
the Broad Advertising reach of Sokule.

Sign up here

Go for the Bronze Plus or higher membership
and get Sokule working for you. You can
ea**rn your membership price back in a


Sokule, The Gentle Giant, is working for you 24/7.

He never sleeps so you can.


Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc



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