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Here are the Numbers. They Tell The Story.
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Here are the Numbers. They Tell The Story.

Did you know that you can change the way your Story ends.

Yes, You Can.

Are You ready?

True Story...

The other night Phil and I did a live webinar with
a friend and partner, Paul Darby.

I hope some of you were there.

If you were there, you would have seen me make a simple,
short post at Sokule to all of our 79 Social Media
sites and blogs.

And you would have seen sign ups to that program
start to come in five mintues after I made
my post at Sokule.

Everyone on the webinar saw this happen as
they were watching my screen live as the
sign ups started to come in.

Why is that important to you?

As some of you may know, I am on the leaders
board of some really Kule sites around the net

Right now it Schnaaps

I did not get there by drinking some magic potion
I got there by mailing to lists and posting to Sokule.

It's really that simple.
You can do that too.

I want you to take a look at some real costs of
advertising on the net and then I want you to
take action

Watch this. The numbers Tell the Story

I use contact solo ad mailings all the time so I am
very familiar with the costs.

Here are the costs of just some of the ones
that I use.

Here is what is would cost me to send a contact solo
ad to 2500 people every 2  days over the course of
one month.

10 Dollarads 450.00
Degree of three 450.00
Kule Space 450.00
DSA Solo ads 705
Rent a list 1875.00
Majon 2325
365 press release 3000.00

I use all of these and they are great value but...

Now watch this.

I can send a contact solo ad every 2 days for a month at:

Schnaaps for 29.95

I can do this at Sokule for Sokule 2.18

Yep I mail a solo ad every 2 days to Schnaaps
for 29.95 per month

I email at Sokule for 2.18 per month And
I post to 79 Social Media sites at Sokule for nothing.
That comes with the 2.18 per month.

Bottom Line.

Schnaaps is a site really has a lot to offer you.

Yes, it's a cycler and that part is great.
Yes, I can help you cycle if you get in and
upgrade under me.

Yes, you can put up banner ads and text ads etc
That's great.


It's the mailer you are after as it is dirt cheap
advertising and, if you are not advertising, you
are not making any money online, I can gurantee you that.

AT Sokule you can post to 79 posting sites 25 times
a day and you can send a contact email to many more
then 2500 every 3 days depending on the number of trackers
you have.

We get the trackers for you.
You don't have to do a thing.


Are you beginning to get the picture?

You can't survive on the net without
contact mailing lists.

I am known as the queen of lists.
I own 268 lists and host another 250 lists

I join every new list that comes online
and Schnaaps is a superb value as you can
see from the numbers above.

Every time I cycle( so far 54 times in 5 days),
 someone in my downline cycles with me.

It could be you.

It should be you but it never will be
if you sit on your thumbs and don't
upgrade here


Do what I am doing
I mail to lists every day
I use Sokule to post to 79 social media sites every day
I email my trackers at Sokule every 3 days


Bottom line

upgrade your account at Schnaaps so you can use the mailer

Join Sokule so you can post about Schnaaps every day.
If you do it,You will get sign ups like that.
Use the Sokule Mailer to tell your trackers about Schnaaps

Schnaaps to it.

You can never change the way your story ends if...

You are penny wise and pound foolish

Got get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Now lets marry up the 2 cheapest ways for you
to advertise on the net.

When you sign up and upgrade under my Schnaaps link
today, you will get a Kule Million Sokens at
Sokule (value 1270.00)

Email me your full name, your upgrade payment
receipt to Schnaaps and your Sokule username


If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us right here


You can join Sokule fr*ee but...

If you want to use the Sokule mailer and post
to Sokule's 79 posting sites, then grab the silver
membership as you sign up. The cost, as I said
above, amounts to 2.18 per month and on top of

I am giving you 5 million sokens at Sokule
when you sign up as a silver member today
Value 6350.00)

These sokens will build a list for you
at Sokule on auto pilot. You dont' have
to do a thing. We do it for you.
Your maiing list at Sokule is built
on auto pilot by Sokule using the sokens
I am offering to you today.

Would you trade 2.18 for 6350.00?

If not ask yourself if you are lookinng down
a rabbit hole and the holding the looking
glass upside down:)







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