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This is An Appeal For Help From All Of My Online Friends

A Special Message To All Of My Friends!

For the past month I have been using a really great Blog Program which has been instrumental in gaining many new members to my primary program.

I really love how easy it is to work because you really do not need to know any html, as long as you can copy and paste you can operate a blog.

But, what I need from each of you today who are not members yet on this really nifty program is for you to go there and just sign up for the free version - you don't have to add a credit card or anything - just sign up for free and they will allow you to send to 200 of their data base every 7 days! 

Thats a pretty good deal but it' still not the reason I am asking you to do me this big favor.

Why am I asking you to go there right now and sign up for a Free account?

Here's Why!  It's a Contest and I Want to Win!


Will YOU Help ME?



It only take a couple of minutes.

Does A Sprinter like me have a chance against all the Big Marathon Runners!  Maybe not alone but with your help I sure do!  Can I count on YOU?



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