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Sokule Says... All Before Coffee. This is Soooo Kule!
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Sokule Says... All Before Coffee. This is Soooo Kule!

Good Morning!

I am up bright and early this morning
No coffee yet- so a bit bleary eyed.

I was messing around at a new site that
is carrying the Sokule Submit Wizard.

This is Soooo Very Kule!

I popped into a site
Check out my pending comm.ssions
Checked out my matrix which is growing on it own
That's pretty Kule in itself.

I saw that there was a bonus of 300,000 sokens
from Sokule waiting for me and I collected it.

I submitted a solo ad
I put up a banner
I put up a links ad
I earned a gazillion points which I can use
to put up more ads and send solos

I posted on Kule Wall and my post
showed up here because Kule Wall
is up at this site.

I hooked up with some very Kule people
And made some dough at the site and this was

All Before Coffee:)

Do you want to know where I was?

Please welcome our latest S Wizard site
Where you can post to all of our 79
posting sites right from where you are.

Where your kule Wall post will appear
right where you are.

Where you can collect 300,000 sokens
when you upgrade and build an instant
list with them.

This is so0000 Very Kule

Check this new site out.

It's addictive. Like the coffee which I am going
after right now:)

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: To use all the Sokule tools over at The ATM,
you need to be a member of Sokule. If you are not
yet a member of Sokule, sign up right here

If you want to post to all of Sokule's 79 posting sites
with just 1 click, you need to be an upgraded member
of Sokule so when you sign up to Sokule, don't miss
the one time offer for a Silver membership which gives
you the ability to post to 79 large, popular Social
Media sites with just 1 click from whenever you are.

PPS: Double It.

When you are over at The ATM and you upgrade, you
will collect 300,000 sokens at Sokule. These Sokens
will build you a list on autpilot and today I
am going to double those sokens for you to 600,000
Value 762.00

Here is how you collect
Sign up to the ATM under my link today and upgrade at ATM.

You need to be upgraded to collect commissions so
I am going to make it worth your while and double
your sokens today only.

Here is how you collect.

Send me your full name, a copy of your payment receipt
to ATM and your Sokule username and we will add 600,000
sokens to your Sokule account so that you can watch
your list grow on auto pilot








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