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Out of the Darkness into the Light Conference live this weekend online

Dear Family, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

You have been called by the Lord to be Defenders of the Faith, and Soldiers of Christ.

Never before in the History of the Church and the World have we had such an awesome privilege and responsibility to serve God and country.

We have a vested interest in both our beloved Church and in our precious country.

We have seen the slogan (referring to our country), Love her or leave her.

We say (referring to our Church and our Faith), Love it, Learn it, Live it, or Lose it!

We are engaged in a Gentle Revolution.

In our travels around the world, we see our Lord and His Mother gathering soldiers for the battle ahead - love and knowledge of our Faith their armor and shield.

We are a chosen people called to a royal priesthood by virtue of our Baptism.

We have been mandated by our Lord, and all the successors of St. Peter our first Pope, to go out to all the world and evangelize to the lambs who have strayed, and to strengthen, arm and call forth those who have remained to join the battle.

Put on the armor of God! We are in the most glorious days of the Church.

More and more people are realizing what is missing in their lives is God.

We have over 100,000 converts coming into the Catholic Church each year, and that makes the Father in Heaven so very happy.

But the Hearts of Jesus and Mary are pierced each time one of their baptized Catholic children leaves Home -leaves the Faith of their fathers - the Roman Catholic Church.

Whose responsibility is it to protect the innocent lambs of God?

Who will be held accountable for every soul who could have been touched by word or deed? Every soul is uniquely created by God and therefore precious to our Father in Heaven. When we stand before the throne of God, how will we respond when Jesus says, I chose you to be an instrument of hope, a bridge for the lost to cross over to the one true Church, but you were too busy. This is our Church. We belong to the family of God. Every child is our child.

Each child of God lost, puts another thorn on Jesus’ Heart, makes our Church the poorer, and makes us the weaker. We believe our Apostolate has been called to help save Jesus’ lambs from being led to slaughter by Judas goats today! We are determined to stop the father of lies from killing any more children, from robbing them of their God and then their lives.

No more are to be lost, as long as we have a breath left in our bodies. What part in the defense of the Church and her family are you being asked to take?

You have to know your Faith, in order to defend yourself and your Church.

You also must know if someone in our own Church is preaching heresy, or is denying the Church’s authority to determine the eternal Truths of the Church. Our Church is in danger. But Jesus made a promise, “The gates of Hell will not prevail against it (His Church).“ Some of our strongest Catholics, converts and those baptized Catholics who had left the Church, have come Home to the One True Church, the Roman Catholic Church, because Jesus wants us all to stand side-by-side, brothers and sisters in Christ, ready to live for her, prepared to die for her, if need be.

There is a madness spreading throughout the world a well-planned, well-disguised design to snatch the innocent and devour them. We are all partners in Christ.  The Catholic who is led astray may be your child, your grandchild!  The Catholic you will save may be your child, your grandchild!  Every child is our child; every soul won or lost is a soul created by God!  We, the Mystical Body of Christ, must save the children of God.  We, the Church Militant will save the children of God!

Bob and Penny Lord

Watch our "Out of the Darkness into the Light Conference live"

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Friday, September 24, 2010
6:45 pm - Praise and Worship
Steve Bailey - Steve Claflin - Jennifer Verkamp
7:00 pm - Bob & Penny Lord
8:00 pm - MASS - Fr. Thomas Keller

Saturday, September 25, 2010
7:30 am - Registration
8:30 am - Praise & Worship
Steve Bailey - Steve Claflin - Jennifer Verkamp
8:40 am - Rosary
9:00 am - Fr. Bennett J. Voorhies
10:00 am - Doug Keck
11:00 am - Fr. Thomas Keller
12:00 pm - MASS - Fr. Bennett J. Voorhies
1:00 pm - Lunch Break
2:00 pm - Fr. Bennett J. Voorhies
3:00 pm - Divine Mercy
3:15 pm - Doug Keck
4:10 pm - Bob and Penny Lord
5:00 pm - Dinner Break
6:00 pm - Musical Presentation
Steve Bailey - Steve Claflin - Jennifer Verkamp
6:30 pm - Eucharistic Procession, Adoration and Benediction

Sunday, September 26, 2010
8:30 am - Praise & Worship
8:40 am - Rosary
9:00 am - Brother Joseph & Luz Sandoval-Lord
10:00 am - MASS - Fr. Bennett J. Voorhies
Closing - Bob & Penny Lord, Brother Joseph & Luz Elena


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