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True Story -Paul Slapped Me last night and...
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True Story -Paul Slapped Me last night and...

Paul Darby and I are good friends, but once
in awhile he decides to take a swipe at me
and I get slapped.

I got slapped with 7 new sign ups last night
for one of Paul Darby's site, Slap the Guru and...

10 people sign up as silver members or upgraded
at Sokule to silver last night because...

Read on...

True Story

Phil and I were off at a webinar with Paul Darby
We were there to show people how to advertise
using Sokule


I was demonstrating how to post something
on Sokule live at the webinar.

I was showing people how you post to all
of our 79 posting sites with just 1 click
So I popped up a short post.

This is the exact post I used last night at Sokule.
Slap the Guru and put ca*sh in your pocket right now and keep it
coming in month after month after month. You keep all the money
from any sales you or those you sponsor make. -

That's it.

Well about 5 minutes after I made that post, a sign
up for Slap The Guru came in. Since I was live
and everyone could see my screen, they all saw
it come in. I couldn't hear them but I bet
there was a collective gasp.

I know Paul gasped. He told me:)

The webinar finished and I was bushed so I left
and went to bed.

I woke up this morning and saw that 5 more sign ups
came in right as I finished that webinar.

How did that happen?


I made 1 post at Sokule
I made 1 click at Sokule

Within seconds that one post was all over the net
at the 79 of the most popular Social Media sites
on the net including twitter and facebook and
my space and 75 other well known Social Media

All I did was make that short post
Sokule took over from there.

He spread that short post all over the net for me

I woke up to sign ups.

That happens for me everyday
Because I post at Sokule every day

Sometimes I post several times a day.

People all over the net read my posts and
bingo! I have cash in my pocket.

And then something else happed.

The people at Paul's webinar realized that they
could do exactly what I was doing if they were
upgraded members of Sokule

A light bulb went off in ten people's heads.
The scales fell away from their eyes.

The finally figured it out.

If they joined Sokule and upgraded to a silver membership
or higher, they could do EXACTLY, what I do.

If they wanted to advertise Dragon Killers or Slap the Guru
or Schnaaps or any other site at all. Even if they
just wanted to advertise Sokule and ea*rn from Sokule
they realized they could do that by reaching all
of our 79 Social Media sites with just 1 click.

You have access to millions of people when you
post at Sokule.

That can do a lot for your business:)

Bottom Line.

If you want sign ups in STG
If you want to be a Dragon Killer


Schnaap to it.

Join Sokule here

Don't miss the one time offer you will see on your
way in. It is cheap cheap advertising for you
and you can do exactly what I do every single day.
And because I made this offer to to Paul's members
last night I will keep it open today

Anyone, joining or upgrading to silver or higher today at
Sokule will receive 5 million sokens at Sokule. That's
a value of 6350.00 just for upgrading today to silver
or higher.

Last night we discussed how important sokens at
Sokule are because they grow your own list for
you on auto pilot and you can email that list but
that's a true story for another day.

You job today is to do what I do and start
to get sign up in your own business bu using
Sokule to as your main advertising vehicle.

Join Sokule here

Take up the one time offer as you go in
and put yourself in Sokule's hands every day
for about 60 seconds and I bet you get
slapped with signs up every day.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS I am still right up at the top of the leaders
board at one of my favorite sites, Schnaaps.

How did I get there? Read and repeat what I
said above. I used posting at Sokule to get
to the very top of the leaders board at Schnaaps
and I do this at many sites on the net.

Sokule is my secret weapon.
Make him yours.
Watch your business change.

Get the picture? Jane


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