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surgreen - a brief exposition of my experiences in internet marketing

When I began working online..

I sought 'easy' money .. usually turned out to be ponzis or worse & died after taking my money

I pursued the most recent in a vain attempt to be on 'top'..

I had come across this QUIK community & I thought .. it just sells advertising - where's the excitement in that!

I continued to search for that elusive 'secret'

I began, eventually to realise some of what I had in the AdsAndCash downlinebuilder for the QUIK community of programs.

I began to understand how to utilise some of the resources provided by my Diamond membership there.

I am lately finding more and more ways to apply the rotator, for example. I rotate images on my site, I rotate banner images, I rotate my downline links in various programs and so it goes on.

I sought excitement and furious activity..  only to realise that when I got there the 'furious' activity was dominated by 'tire kickers' and those sold of the belief that just being online was enough to 'make their fortune'.

Not until towards the tail end of the year recently past (2009), did the power of the mundane begin to gel in my mind. The QUIK community released ResidualQUIK and I went along for a look see.

Indeed.. I under utilised it as a resource and undervalued it as an investment.

I continued program hopping, though to a lesser degree. My choices becoming gradually more rational and targeted. Something had to offer something back! Something to build my presence and business online.

Not that I actually had a focus..  even in the early months of this year, unbeknownst to myself, I was still actually  just another online vagrant hoping to find those golden nuggets buried within the sands of the internet.

I thought I had attained a focus yet I had not. I was certainly headed in the correct direction, but as a child on a mission is often readily distracted by pretty baubles on their path, I too wandered off to chase several more 'sparkly' opportunities.

At a guess, I would say that my focus finally resolved around March of this year. My focus became firmly centered upon the SafeAdZone Community..  oh yes, that is the encompassing business entity within which the QUIK family exists. In essence they are interchangeable terms and I apologise if it confuses you at all. Please do not let it.

Clint, being the owner of this community of complementary programs, puts much effort to ensure that his members are not exposed to illegal, immoral and obviously poorly administered programs likely to lose money for members. Hence the relevancy of that name.

What was considered by myself to be an effective system as it stood, turned out only to be the framework upon which Clint was about to commence building something closer to his true vision.

This has been initiated with the substantial enhancements to ListQUIK which will be fully realised in October with the launch of ListQUIK 2.0.

November is the scheduled time frame for Enhancements to ResidualQUIK and both SuccessQUIK and the parent site RevenueMagic will be getting 'the treatment' also in the very near future.

The SafeAdZone is a truly progressive and ethical business. One I am proud to claim as my primary business interest online.

Come along to one of the almost daily webinars held by Clint. These are sales presentations which often lead into Q&A sessions and are often followed by scheduled marketing training lessons.

These training sessions show, keenly, the difference between this business and any other online. Clint not only gives practical advice on the marketing and application of his own programs, but those of his competitors also.

He is doing his utmost to educate his membership to enjoy total and unfettered success online.

I personally, owe much to his influence, and others I follow such as Jason Wise and Tom Haley being notable others.

I come from a rural, military background and I am no stranger to hard physical labour. I have, however, decided to stop trading my life for money.

With the QUIK Family, me and those who decide to work with me, will be able to build an income to allow us all to truly enrich our lives and of those close to us.

I thank you for getting this far, and please remember, as I state on my website "My Downline's Success IS My Business".

I will do as much as I am able to help you if you are prepared to work with me  :)

Peter Watson aka surgreen
New Zealand



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