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When famous people screw up, whoa... fascinating...
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When famous people screw up, whoa... fascinating...

Nothing to buy here but you gotta see this now
and get in now so you are on the list when
Keith launches.

This your life we are talking about here and
how you it is about to change big time.

You've probably heard of my good friend, mega-successful
author Keith Ferrazzi, who wrote Never Eat Alone and
Who's Got Your Back. 

The guy is monster famous, incredibly connected and
a major A-list player.

Well, what you probably don't know is how close he came
to losing it all and sabotaging his entire future.
In an article published in Inc. Magazine, this guy
pulled back the curtain on his success, totally
revealed himself and almost bit the dust hard. 
Watch this video (it's less than 3 minutes long):


Did you want a copy of the article that started the whole deal?

Cool --

I'll give you that, too. It's actually really great stuff. Check

it out here:


What's kind of amazing is that the guy is the real deal, super

talented and can definitely help you out, too. Seriously,
click on the link and grab your free copy.


I've got your back here. Wait and see....

Go get um
Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

P.S. Sometimes, life throws some hellacious curve balls.
This was a doozy -- watch this video:



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