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The Latest News from Clint & The QUIK Family - Be ready for the comeback !!

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Hello - please find below, a recent update from Clint,

owner of the QUIK Family of advertising programs:~


Great News!

After nearly six months, Alertpay once again is able to process credit cards for purchases.

However, there are some changes to their system which are designed to provide greater defense against scams and misuse.

The important thing, though,  is that you can now use a credit card to purchase using the Alertpay system and that is very important.

 Be aware that the process to use a credit card has changed.

In essence, you will use your credit card o fund your Alertpay account and then make your purchase.

These are the steps that will be used to fund your Alertpay account with a credit card:

1. Login to your AlertPay account

2. Click on 'Deposit" and select the "Credit Card" option

3. Select the credit card you would like to use or add one to your account

4. Enter the amount you would like to deposit and click "next"

5. Confirm the transaction details, enter your Transaction PIN and click on "Deposit"

6. If your credit card is enrolled in the 3-D Secure program,you will be prompted to complete 3-D

Secure before your transaction is complete.

If your credit card is not enrolled in the 3-D Secure

program your deposit transaction will be completed.

Once you have successfully completed the deposit procedure, your funds will be available in your AlertPay account immediately.

This is really good news and should greatly improve liquidity in the network marketing industry.



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EARN with surgreen :) EARN with surgreen :) EARN with surgreen :)

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