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I Cycled 61 times in 4 days. This is a Ca*sh Cow and a Kule Mill
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I Cycled 61 times in 4 days. This is a Ca*sh Cow and a Kule Mill

oh Schnaaps!


This says it all.

In less then 4 days...

I cycled 61 times
Got paid paid 25 times actual dough in the bank
into my alert pay account)

Amount paid $1966.80

Yikes! That is one heck of a return on investment
I paid 39.95 and got back over 1966.80 in 4 days
I don't know where you can get that kind of return.

This is the easiest cycler I have evern seen and
you can hop on my back and I will help you
cycle. I am right at the top of the leaders board.


I just used the mailer to mail out  out a solo
ad to 2500 members.

I have my banners up
I have my text ads up
I have my links up

I put my Sokule affiliate link up in the members
area so I am advertising Sokule at the same time
I promote Schnaaps

My promotions will help you cycle if you are
in my downline and if you are signed up and
upgraded under me.

You will be ea*rning 10,00 fast start bonuses on
your personal referrals.
You will ea*rn from every cycle an easy 2 by 1.
You will be ea*rning Matching money when your downline

And, Most importantly You will be ea*rning from the
great advertising exposure you get.

So let me just say this again

oh Schnaaps!


You gotta be kind of a schnook not to be in this
and be in it as an upgraded member. I made that
word up:)

This is the real deal
It's a cash Cow
It's a solo ad mailer
It's a wonderfully designed advertising site

I am kind of partial to advertising sites
I own quite a few- over 60 sites
So I know a bit about advertising on the net

This is no brainer

And as for that Kule Million...

When you sign up and upgrade under my link, you will
collect a Kule Million Sokens at Sokule.

See how below.

Go Get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS If you sign up under my link


Here is how you collect your million sokens (value 1270.00)

Email me your full name, your upgrade payment
receipt to Schnaaps and your Sokule username


If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us
right here





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