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I Cycled 35 Times In 36 Hours - See how...

Hi Everyone

Don't sit on the fence on this one.

Apart from the fact that fences are grossly
uncmfortable, you will miss out on a fabulous
chance to make some fast cash.

http://bit.ly/Oh_Schnaaps -

What is Schnaaps?

It is a Mailer.
It is a Cycler.
It is an Advertising Site

[1] First and Foremost it is a contact mailer
    I can mail to 2500 members every 3 days
    so you know I love it.

[2] Second it is a cycler and one of the easiest
    cyclers to fill a 2 by 1 and you can get
    in right now and I will help you cycle

[3] You can put up a banner ad
[4] You can put up a text ad
[5] You can put a link ad
[6] You can put your Sokule user id in the members
    area and sell Sokule while you are cycling.

I made $1125.00 in the past 36 hours. Not
saying you will do as well, you may do
better or not as good, but you will do

Now that is enough to make anyone dance the jig:)
http://bit.ly/Oh_Schnaaps -

It gets even better. When you upgrade you collect
a Kule half a Million Sokens at Sokule which will
help you build a list before the ink is dry on
your sign up.

And for those who join under my link today, I will
double that sokens offer to 1 million Sokens.
(value $1,270.00) - No one has a bonus like this.

That will keep you cycling for a long long time
See how to collect below.

[1] You can earn fast start bonuses on every personal

[2] You can ea*rn matching bonuses on every cyle.

[3] The site is affordable.

[4] I know you will get paid because I know the
    owners well.

This gets my *TEN STAR* recommendation and if
you are not saying OH SCHNAAPS later today,
I will eat my hat and I hate the taste of hat.

Go get um...

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Here is how you collect your million sokens
(value $1,270.00)

Sign up under my link, email me your full name,
your Schnaaps upgrade payment receipt and your
Sokule username:


If you are not a member of Sokule, join us here.


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