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Fiction for Transformation: Excerpt "Seal Skins" from When Assassins and Allies Conspire by Ronda Del Boccio

Did you know I'm a fiction writer? Indeed, writing stories that touch people is my first love in terms of writing.

Recently I decided to take some stories and put them into a book, because people need them.

Ever since I encountered my first legend, I've been hooked!

The conflict you will sample takes some very interesting turns. And just as in your everyday "real" life, the choices each person makes determines what happens next in the struggle.

This story, "Seal SKins" centers around a Celtic legend about a creature that has a seal form for the water and yet can take human form.

And while some people adore the selkie, relations between the two species are tenuous at best, as in this tale.

So please enjoy this excerpt of "Seal Skins", 1 of the stories in When Assassins and Allies Conspire

c) 2010 Ronda Del Boccio http://asktsl.com/alliesbook
Sealfolk are by nature playful; many are competitive, but their interactions with humans occasionally became perilous.  Ilani loved to race her friend Brun through the crystal-blue ocean to a rock just off the coast of the place humans called Kirkwaa.  
The sea made a lovely alcove with a beach where humans and Selkie enjoyed meeting.  The vista of green grass and distant blue mountains provided a pleasant change of scenery from the beautiful and mysterious ocean depths.  Her strong body sped easily through the water, but where was Brun?  She called out, "Brun, where have you gone?  Do you concede?"

Brun did not answer.  Both strong swimmers, they raced every chance they had.  Ilani again called urgently for him, but still he made no reply.  "Brun, you have no manners."

"We have swum this ocean for a hundred years and only now you notice?  I thought you to be of greater intellect than that."  Brun reclined on his back in his muscular human form naked on a flat rock in the warm afternoon sun.

Several women of various ages were walking toward the water carrying baskets for gathering shellfish.

Perhaps he has arranged a tryst, Ilani thought.  Brun's long brown hair trailed elegantly into the deep blue.  He is posing for the ladies.  Brun's folded sealskin cushioned his head.  This was a wise precaution that kept it near at hand should he need to make a hasty escape back to the sea.  No selkie, particularly one with his reputation, cared to be far from his sealskin, which represented the only means of return to the safety of their home of crystal light beneath the waves.

Brun had developed a reputation among the humans.  His strong, handsome form and selkie charms made him irresistible to young maidens and experienced matrons alike.

Remaining in her seal form, Ilani swam to the rock and asked him, "Have you a
dalliance planned?"

Brun opened his brown eyes and looked sideways at her.  "Dalliance?  Such a terrible way to speak of lovesport with beautiful human women.  We do not tarry, but work diligently at our pleasures."  He rolled onto his stomach and winked at her.  "Which reminds me, Ilani, you should catch the eye of a handsome man of the Orkneys.  You could use a good roll.  The people of these islands are strong.  They are well able to match selkie zeal."

Ilani snorted and splashed him.  "You are incorrigible."

"So I am told."

Ilani looked to the shore.  One of the young ladies set her woven basket on the white sand and called, "Brun?  Would that be you there?"

Brun sat up and answered, "Indeed it is I, lovely Morgan."

The wind blew Morgan's skirt up around her thighs.  She did nothing to put it back in place.  "My husband is away," she said, striking a come-hither pose.

"There is an invitation I could never refuse," Brun returned.  He took up his brown sealskin, stood on the rock and made ready to swim, but a cry from the shore stopped him.

One of the other young women yelled, "Oh!  Hello, Angus!"

Angus was a large man with a bush of hair on his face and blazing fury in his eyes.  "Brun, is it?  Keep away from my woman!"

Brun froze.

Angus nocked an arrow to his bow, pulled back hard, and aimed.  "Do not believe you are safe there on the rock.  I am a strong man with deadly aim."  The women screamed and ran away.  Angus loosed his rage and his arrow at Brun with a cry of rage.

Paralyzed with fear, Brun did not move.

Ilani, desperate to help him, leaped out of the water, knocking him out of the way.  The arrow point tore into her body.  White-hot pain seared through her as she crashed down onto the rock where Brun had idly basked in the sun, hitting her head.  Darkness took her, so she did not see or hear what happened next.

Want to know what happens next? http://asktsl.com/alliesbook

(this is an Excerpt from Seal Skins, 1 of the stories in When Assassins and Allies Conspire (c) 2010 Ronda Del Boccio)


PS It's amazing how fast I wrote & published this book. Had a hard copy in hand in 5 days after putting all the info in the electronic hands of the publisher. How'd I do that? The Easy Write & Publish System -  and you can too!


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